The following information will help you develop your personal logo and brand.

1. Who is/are your brands target audience(s)?

2. Are there subgroups that should be noted within your target audience? If so, whom?

3. What can be said about the demographic characteristics (age, income, education, other?) of your audience(s)?

4. What emotion do you want people to feel when they look at the logo and/or think about your product or service?

5. How do you plan on reaching your audience (advertising, speaking, mailers, search engine placement, other ways)?

6. What colors and/or color combinations resonate with you, and do you have any that you’d like to avoid?

7. Do you envision your logo having an icon or symbol with the type(think AT&T with the ball and the name, or simply type(think Coca-Cola).

8. Look up 3 brand logos. What do you like or dislike about each?

Brand #1 logo name: Friendly’s

Like: Simplistic

Dislike: Unoriginal

Brand #2 logo name: Addidas

Like: Edgy + Simplistic

Dislike: Does not give a feel for the product

Brand #3 logo name: Firefox

Like: Everything about it.

Dislike: It doesn’t fit my brand and I cannot use it

Once you have a logo, the brand development process typically proceeds like this:

1. You will receive a written proposal.

2. Logo concepts (sent as a PDF file) will be presented to you.

3. Another, typically narrower set of concepts will be presented to you for feedback. The same process as above will apply until your logo is finalized.

4. Then you would design the business card followed by the letterhead, envelope and any other print pieces you desire

5. Before you go to press, you’ll need to discuss paper and select specific PMS (Pantone) ink colors for each color in your logo if you are doing a spot color logo (vs. full color).