Portfolio Category: Branding

Serendipity Logo

I made this logo first by drawing pencil on paper, scanning it in, and tracing it in Adobe Illustrator. Next, I colorized it. It was saved as an EPS vector file so its infinitely scale-able with full high quality resolution at any size.
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Peartree/Amaral Collab

For the 2017 MASSBUYS event I sought out graphic design firm, Peartree USA to make a trade-show banner design. The concept idea was to encompass all of The Amaral Group's skills and abilities. I worked as project manager and communicated design concepts to the firm, whilst they generated the design for my approval.
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Ali Berger

Ali Berger a once resident of Boston music producer asked me to make an album for his upcoming Glitch Hop Album. Most of the textures within this design are taken from a materials library of textures I have custom developed. The request was that the concept of the art would have a space theme.
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