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An Analysis on the Ethical Implications of Animal Exploitation

Description of Issue Most people nowadays are eating and exploiting animals when it is not necessary as a vegan lifestyle is sustainable for most. Animal exploitation means using animals as resources to supply us with food, clothing, products, pets, and animal testing. Not systemically adopting vegan practices has been a detriment to society, culture, science,…
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GM Seed Companies Maintain that GM Crops are the Most Thoroughly Tested and Highly Regulated Food Plants Out There; are They Safe?

Abstract             Many individuals and organizations question their safety even though GM seed companies maintain that they are safe. This paper explores the controversy surrounding GM foods for consumption by analyzing different underlying factors of GM food testing and public safety. Those factors include: validity of the testing process, long-term effects, and an examination on…
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Analyzing Ethical Challenges Within Organizational Communication

Executive Summary Analyzing ethical challenges within organizational communication is important for the success of any company or economy. This paper will define and outline all necessary facets of the ethics of organizational communication so the reader may be better equipped to identify and navigate these challenges. Facets of ethical communication include what ethics and ethical…
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